Building & Landlord Insurance

If your property is not covered by an Owners Corporation (OC) or Strata, it needs its own Building policy. This applies to any standalone property.

The Duo Insurance Building policy provides coverage for the structure of the property, including built-in and plumbing fixtures, as well as protection against common perils such as fire, impact, and storm damage.

Standout Features Our Policy Covers

Temporary Repairs Coverage

Temporary repair costs are included in the event you are unable to repair your property straight away.

Tenant Default & Crisis Protection

Get up to 20 weeks coverage for tenant default and 26 weeks for death, murder, or suicide.

Drug-Related Damage Coverage

Obtain up to $60,000 coverage for controlled drug-related damages and cleanup.

"Duo Insurance exceeded what I had hoped for by providing expert counsel and a tailored policy for my investment real estate. The complete coverage and individualized recommendations delivered peace of mind. I highly recommend them."

- Michael H

Lost Rental Income Protection

Secure up to 52 weeks coverage for lost rental income from non-tenant damages.

Legal Expense Coverage

Gain up to $7,500 for legal expenses like court costs, bailiff fees, and representation.

Solar Panel Coverage

If your building needs to get replaced, gain up to an additional $2,000 to upgrade to solar panels.

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List of Cover Inclusions

Cause of Loss

Up To:

Accidental Loss or Damage

Sum Insured

Production of Controlled drugs

Up to 10% Building sum insured

Legal Liability

Up to $20,000,000

Production of Controlled drugs

Up to $60,000

Removal of Debris

10% of Sum Insured

Temporary repairs

Reasonable Costs to prevent further loss or damage

Authority Fees

10% of Sum Insured

Exploratory Costs

Up to $5,000

Locks and Keys

Up to $1,000

Landscaping, Trees, Plants and Shrubs

Up to $2,000

Loss of Metered Water or Gas

Up to $500

Rainwater Tank

Up to $1,500

Solar Panels Up to $2,000

Up to $2,000

Mortgage Discharge Costs

Up to $5,000

Fumigation Costs

Up to $5,000

Legal Expenses

Up to $7,500

Tax Audit Fees

Up to $5,000

Electrical Motor Burnout

10 Years


Accidental Damage by a Third Party other than your Tenant

The greater of your standard excess and $250

Accidental Damage by Tenant including Damage by Pets

$250 up to a max of two excess’s

Theft by Tenant


Cyclone, Earthquake, Volcano or Tsunami




Tenant Default and Tenants Damage (if owner managed)

1 week’s rent