This optional cover operates as a financial safety net for property owners in Australia. When you lease out your property, and something goes awry, such as a tenant rent default or causing property damage, landlord insurance comes into play. Whether you’re dealing with damage from natural disasters or legal liability, a good policy, like the one offered by our team, provides the necessary coverage.

We cover not only the standard incidents but also offer some unique benefits. Features like loss of rental income, cover for events such as natural disasters, and malicious damage by tenants are included. Property owners can breathe easy knowing they have solid insurance cover behind them, providing full peace of mind.

Importantly, each investor’s situation and property are different, so if you need to compare landlord insurance, we make that process simple too.

We offer customised plans to match each landlord’s specific needs. Our range of policies adapts to meet the diverse demands of landlords across Australia, offering them the most comprehensive protection in the market.

This coverage shields your insured property from unforeseen insured events’ financial and physical impacts. We wouldn’t want you left stranded, dealing with the massive cost of rebuilding and having no financial security as a result. So, we stand beside you, ensuring you’re never left in the lurch and your investment is always secure.