Terms & Conditions

I affirm that:

  • This statement applies to all the insurances I have applied for through this application.
  • I have read the Policy Disclosure Statement.
  • I have answered all questions honestly and completely.
  • I have personally filled out this application, or if someone else completed it, I have made sure that the answers are accurate and complete.
  • I allow the Insurer to gather any necessary information related to my claims and previous insurance history.
  • I allow the Insurer to seek information from third parties to verify claims history and other details.
  • I permit the Insurer to share my claims history with any insurance intermediary I have chosen.
  • I have read and comprehended the details of the Privacy Act 1988, and I agree to the collection, storage, use, and disclosure of personal and sensitive information.
  • I am aware that my coverage does not include asbestos.
  • If I am not the insured, I have been authorized by the insured to complete this application on their behalf. Any failure to disclose relevant information will be treated as if the insured filled out the application themselves, and this may lead to a claim being rejected or partially accepted.