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This insurance is intended for units, apartments, and villas that have their building insured through a body corporate or for freestanding homes where the building is insured separately. The coverage also provides legal liability protection for up to 20 million dollars.

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Building & Landlord

This insurance is tailored for standalone or terrace homes that necessitate coverage for building, contents, and landlord, and it also encompasses legal liability protection for amounts up to 20 million dollars.

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Commercial Landlord

We can provide commercial coverage for your contents, fixtures and fittings against theft, loss or damage by insured events and/or protection for loss or damage to the glass windows, signs and showcases at your property

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Residential Strata

Strata insurance covers the building and common areas of strata-registered and company title properties. It helps protect both the collective property and individual unit owners from risks like damage, liability claims, and loss of rental income. For the majority of Australian states and territories, this essential cover is a legislative requirement.

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Why Choose Duo Insurance for Your Property Coverage Needs?

We've listened to our clients and understand the challenges they face in finding the right insurance policies. That's why we've taken the initiative to expand our services and provide an insurance brokerage that offers:

Comprehensive Coverage

Some of our standout features:

Open-Air & Theft Coverage

Tenant Default & Crisis Protection

Drug-Related Damage Coverage

Lost Rental Income Protection

Legal Expense Coverage

Garbage Removal Benefit

Expert Advice

Guiding you in selecting the best policy to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls associated with inadequate or incorrect insurance.

Efficient Claims Process

Streamlined procedures to save you time and effort in navigating complex insurance claims.

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How to take out a policy:

Taking out an insurance policy with us is as easy as 1 2 3! Our user-friendly platform makes selecting the coverage options that suit your needs simple, and our friendly customer service team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.


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Understand why all insurances are not the same

In the current uncertain insurance market, securing the right landlord insurance policy can be a daunting task. With numerous options available and fluctuating market conditions, finding comprehensive coverage at the right price can be challenging. Duo Insurance is here to help you navigate this complex landscape and find the best deals on insurance policies tailored to your needs. In this article, we will explore why Duo Insurance is the ideal partner for investors seeking landlord insurance.

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Why do I need landlord insurance?

As a property owner, safeguarding your investment should be a top priority. Landlord insurance plays a critical role in providing that protection, and Duo Insurance Landlord Insurance offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution. This article will discuss the importance of landlord insurance, the types of coverage included in Duo Insurance Landlord Insurance's single policy, and why it's the ideal choice for securing your peace of mind.

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