Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance provides coverage for various risks associated with renting out a property, including protection for the rental income, damages caused by tenants, public liability, theft of property contents such as carpets, blinds, underlays, light fittings, and other household items owned by the landlord for tenants' use.

Standout Features Our Policy Covers

Open-Air & Theft Coverage

Secure up to $7,000 for open-air content damages and $5,000 for theft claims.

Tenant Default & Crisis Protection

Get up to 20 weeks coverage for tenant default and 26 weeks for death, murder, or suicide.

Drug-Related Damage Coverage

Obtain up to $60,000 coverage for controlled drug-related damages and cleanup.

"Duo Insurance exceeded my expectations with their expert guidance and tailored policy for my investment property. Their comprehensive coverage and personalized advice gave me peace of mind. Highly recommended!"

- Samantha J

Lost Rental Income Protection

Secure up to 52 weeks coverage for lost rental income from non-tenant damages.

Legal Expense Coverage

Gain up to $7,500 for legal expenses like court costs, bailiff fees, and representation.

Garbage Removal Benefit

Access up to $500 coverage for garbage removal.

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List of Cover Inclusions


Up To $1,250 per week

No vacant Possession

52 Weeks

Loss of Rent due to damage accepted under the policy

52 Weeks

Tenant Default – Death, Murder or Suicide

26 Weeks

Tenant Default – Departure without notice

20 Weeks

Tenant Default – Court Ordered Termination

20 Weeks

Tenant Default – Domestic Violence

20 Weeks

Tenant Default – Financial Hardship

12 Weeks

Accidental loss or Damage to your contents


Deliberate Damage to contents by tenant


Theft by Tenants


Damage to Contents due to illegal drugs


Legal Expenses


Damage by Tenants Pets


Fumigations Costs


Open Air


Tax Audit


Locks & Keys


Garbage Removal


Legal Liability Cover




Standard Claim


Accidental Damage by a Third Party other than your Tenant


Accidental Damage by Tenant including Damage by Pets

$250 up to a maximum of $500

Theft by Tenant

Additional $250

Cyclone, Earthquake, Volcano or Tsunami

Additional $5,000

Tenant Damage (if self-managed)

Additional 1 weeks rent

Tenant Default (if self-managed)

Additional 1 weeks rent


Additional $500

Deliberate Damage by Tenants / Tenant Default


Loss of Rent