Airbnb Insurance Australia

Airbnb is a powerful method to earn another source of income from your investment property. 

With the demand for Airbnb properties growing every passing day, however, protecting your assets is more important than ever.

From unexpected damages and loss of rental income to property theft and more—navigating this territory can be daunting. That’s where our specialised service steps in.

At Duo Insurance, we recognise your property represents a significant investment and deserves robust protection. Our comprehensive Airbnb insurance for property owners in Australia lets you concentrate on what’s truly important—safeguarding your assets and creating the best experience for your guests.

How Does Airbnb Insurance Work?

Typically, conventional landlord insurance policies might not cover short-term rentals, just as standard contents or homeowner’s insurance might fall short.

Many insurers consider renting out your property to paying guests a commercial activity – a scenario not usually accounted for in regular landlord insurance policies.

This lack of coverage can expose hosts in Australia to potential financial losses and legal liabilities. And that’s exactly where dedicated short-term rental insurance for Airbnb properties comes into play.

Specialised cover is the best Airbnb insurance policy for short-term rentals, crafted specifically to bridge any coverage gap. Our team has tailored the available policies to cover properties operating in this space, ensuring you have the safeguards in place when needed.

The best insurance cover offers flexible options, from coverage for single-night stays to longer-term arrangements, providing comprehensive protection against various risks, such as accidental damage caused by guests or escalating legal expenses.

Does Airbnb Provide Insurance to Airbnb Hosts?

If found legally responsible for an incident, Airbnb hosts are only automatically covered by a basic insurance policy known as the AirCover for Hosts program.

What Airbnb AirCover for Hosts Liability Coverage Offers

  • Injuries sustained by guests (or visitors)
  • Loss or damage to guests’ (or visitor’s) property
  • Damage inflicted by guests (or their invitees) to common facilities such as lobbies or neighbouring properties
  • Damage dealt to your residence, furniture, valuable items or personal belongings due to guest actions (or of those they invite)
  • Damage to vehicles of any kind caused by guests (or their invitees) parked on your property
  • Unanticipated cleaning costs due to stubborn stains caused by guests, cleaning up after pets, smoke removal or the presence of unauthorised guests
  • Compensation for potential earnings missed if you have to cancel an Airbnb reservation due to damage ascribed to a guest (or their invitees)

What Airbnb AirCover for Hosts Liability Coverage Does Not Cover

  • Impacts arising from natural disasters, such as seismic activities
  • Regular depreciation of the property due to usage
  • Damages originating from fungal infestations and mould
  • Any harm inflicted on the property post the guest’s reservation timeline
  • Losses that go beyond the maximum coverage amount
  • Extravagant consumption of amenities like water, power, gas, and heating oil
  • Unexplained missing property during stock evaluation
  • Scenarios of identity theft or fraud
  • Losses attributable to poor craftsmanship
  • Damages caused by terrorist activities
  • Decrease in income related to market fluctuations
  • Losses related to exposure to harmful chemicals or microbes
  • Private possessions such as cash and valuable metals

This is where our comprehensive policy makes all the difference.

Why Invest in Comprehensive Airbnb Insurance in Australia?

Landlords must consider Airbnb insurance to protect their assets best and achieve peace of mind.

As traditional home and contents insurance policies regularly fail to address the specific risks linked to short-term rentals, you will receive:

Specialised Protection

The best Airbnb insurance in Australia provides custom coverage designed to shield landlords from the array of risks they might face, such as protection from costly legal expenses and unexpected damage caused by guests (falling under host liability insurance).

Adaptable Coverage Options

Airbnb insurance allows landlords new flexibility in selecting their coverage parameters. From per-night bookings to broader spans of six to 12 months with unlimited reservations, these options can cater specifically to short-stay and vacation rental scenarios.

As a result, landlords can maximise their rental earnings without sacrificing their coverage or incurring an additional cost.

Coverage for Business Activities

Conventional insurance plans often exclude short-term rentals, viewing them as commercial enterprises.

Airbnb insurance fills this void, offering necessary coverage where standard policies do not, thereby mitigating potential significant financial setbacks.

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What You Get With Duo Insurance’s Policy

Our comprehensive and specialised Airbnb insurance options go above and beyond what’s offered under Airbnb’s AirCover for Hosts program. We also offer more generalised forms of home insurance and home and contents insurance.

Key features include:

  • Accidental incidents: Including unplanned damages such as stains and indentations to your household furnishings and exterior structure.
  • Occupant theft: Factors in robbery carried out by the tenants, items such as home appliances, kitchen tools, artwork, installations, etc.
  • Intentional damage: Encompasses damages inflicted on your property by deliberate intent.
  • Fire damage: Policies covering replacing or restoring a home destroyed by fire.
  • Storm-related damage: Policies that cover your property and belongings damaged by severe weather, including heavy wind, rainfall, hailstones, or snowfall.
  • Damage from lightning strikes: Cover for harm to your property or possessions brought about by lightning.
  • Flood impact: Policies that allow for minimal expenses for land affected by flooding (due to natural causes).
  • Earthquake and Tsunami damage: Covers the damage caused to your leased holiday home by earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Damage from explosion: Cover for property loss due to an explosion.
  • Illegal entry and theft: Coverage for when the property is illegally used to commit a crime, specifically theft.
  • Impact-related destruction: Protection from damage to an exterior wall or boundary generally caused by vehicles.
  • Damage from animals: Cover for damage to your property or furnishings created by pets or other animals.
  • Loss of Income After Trip Cancellation: When a guest experiences a trip interruption and does not have travel insurance to cover the costs of their expenses, this can help recover lost income.

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